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Renowned fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Tammie Leady, a Port Arthur native, lives and thrives in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to being a fitness expert, Tammie is a motivational speaker and health coach that has taken her love for writing poetry, photography, and her love of God, and combined them into the creation of her book, Invoking His presence.

Tammie Leady is one of Atlanta's most sought after personal trainers. With over 15 years of experience and her passion for fitness, she has developed an extensive background in the fitness industry. As a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, health educator, fitness model, actress, and IFBB professional fitness athlete, she ranks as one of the elite in the fitness industry. Tammie has worn many titles, which include “Atlanta’s Fittest Female” and one of the nation’s most “Fit and Fabulous Women.” She’s also been named one of Atlanta’s top personal trainers, and one of the country’s top IFBB professionals, to name a few.

Tammie has been featured in numerous national and international fitness magazines, television shows, and commercials. With her positive attitude and upbeat personality, Tammie encourages and motivates her clients to take the limits off, and be the best they can be. She educates her clients with a hands-on approach and a wellness coaching model to ensure each individual’s success with a "NO Excuses" policy.

“My becoming a personal fitness trainer was so that I could help and educate people to become healthier and to create a lifestyle that centers on their health, which would help them in all areas of life,” Tammie says. “I believe in work! It takes effort, discipline, letting go of excuses   and self-imposed mental limitations. Belief in one’s self is essential to creating the life you desire.”

For more information visit tammieleady.com. Email at Info@tleady.com.



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